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Basal Energy Expenditure (BEE) Calculator


How to Use the Our BEE Calculator 

To compute the basal energy expenditure, the following four pieces of information are required:

  1. Gender The computation is unique to each gender! (We decided to combine the BEE man and woman calculators to make things simple);
  2. Age Remember that kids are not supposed to use this BEE calculator;
  3. Height.
  4. Weight.

To calculate your total energy expenditure (TEE), you will also require the following information:

  • Activity level – based on your way of living
  • Bed-ridden: Sleeping, eating, and lying
  • Light or sedentary: Driving a car, taking short walks, cooking, watching TV, sitting (such as when working at an office), and performing other routine home tasks
  • Moderate to active: Standing, carrying light loads (e.g., serving tables), longer walks, light cardiovascular workouts, commuting by bus.
  • Heavily active: Agricultural work, physical labor, heavy-duty cleaning, and hard exercises are undertaken regularly.

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