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Nutritions Calculator

Ideal Weight Calculator

Ideal Weight Calculator

How to Use the Ideal Weight Calculator

One useful step in your quest for improved health is figuring out what your ideal weight is. These easy steps will walk you through using the Ideal Weight Calculator.

  1. Select Gender: Begin by choosing your gender from the provided options – male or female.
  2. Enter Height (in inches): Next, input your height in inches. You can find this information easily by measuring yourself or consulting a doctor.
  3. Provide Age: Lastly, enter your age into the calculator. Your age can influence your ideal weight, so be sure to input it accurately.

After entering these details, click the calculate button to get an approximate idea of your ideal weight from the Ideal Weight Calculator. Keep in mind that this is only a general recommendation and may change depending on certain circumstances. Always seek the advice of a healthcare provider for specific guidance on maintaining a healthy weight.

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