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Potassium Calculator

Potassium Calculator


How to Use the Potassium Calculator

Our bodies require potassium to remain healthy. It promotes healthy heart, nerve, and muscle function. Use the potassium calculator to determine how much potassium you need each day. This is how.

  1. Choose Your Gender: Are you a boy or a girl? Pick ‘Boy’ or ‘Girl’ so the calculator can give you the right answer. With the help of Our EAsy Potassium Calculator
  2. Tell Your Age (in years): Type in how old you are. This helps the calculator because what’s right for a grown-up might not be right for a kid.
  3. Say How Much You Weigh (in kilograms): Put in your weight. The calculator needs this to know how much potassium you need.
  4. Pick How Active You Are: Are you very active, kinda active, or not active at all? Choose the option that fits you best.

The Potassium Calculator will then inform you of the recommended daily intake of potassium. But keep in mind that the best advice on your potassium consumption should be obtained from a doctor or nurse if you have certain medical needs. Check Our Free Potassium Calculator