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Nutritions Calculator

Body Fat Percentage Calculator

Body Fat Percentage Calculator


How to Use the Body Fat Percentage Calculator

Would you like to know what percentage of your body is fat? You can monitor your fitness and health with the help of our body fat calculator. We’ll walk you through it step by step and it’s simple to use.

Step 1: Get Your Info To begin, you’ll need to give us some important details:

  1. Gender: Tell us if you’re a man or a woman.
  2. Age (in years): Enter how old you are. This calculator is for adults, not kids.
  3. Weight (in kilograms): Type in your weight in kilograms.
  4. Neck Circumference (in centimeters): Measure the size of your neck in centimeters.
  5. Waist Circumference (in centimeters): Measure your waist size in centimeters.

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Step 2: Calculate Your Body Fat Percentage

To find out what percentage of your body is fat, click the calculate button. This tool helps you set exercise objectives and monitor your progress by providing crucial information about your body composition.

Maintaining your fitness and health requires careful attention to your body fat percentage. Although the calculator can be helpful, it’s always a good idea to speak with a doctor for a full evaluation of your health and fitness objectives.

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