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Corrected Age Calculator

Corrected Age Calculator

How to Use the Corrected Age Calculator

Pregnancy causes variations in the times at which babies are born, which may have an impact on their development. We use a Corrected Age Calculator to better understand the development of a baby. With the use of this useful tool, a baby’s age can be adjusted for premature birth so that their developmental age is accurately compared to that of other babies.

Using the Corrected Age Calculator is easy! Here are the steps

  1. Date of Birth: Input the baby’s actual birthdate.
  2. Gestational Age (weeks): Enter the number of weeks the baby was born early. This can be up to 130 weeks.
  3. Hit Calculate: The tool will give you the corrected age.

A baby’s corrected age, for instance, would be their actual age minus three weeks if they were born three weeks early. This facilitates accurate tracking of their development and milestones by parents and healthcare professionals.

For premature babies, the Corrected Age Calculator is an invaluable resource for ensuring the highest quality of care and support. It offers vital information for a baby’s growth and development and is easy to use.

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